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    Cannot change modification to award line.


      Hello gurus, hope you are all well. I am wondering if someone has come across this issue and could guide me accordingly. So I am in a support role and I am having an issue with something I have not seen before. The client I am with upgraded from 11i to R12. During the conversion there were a few award lines that were changed from Amount Based in 11i to Quantity Based in R12 (this prevents modification to the lines and is causing issue with output), but each new line added to the PO defaults to Amount Based.


      As a result, this is causing issue with the customized pdf and not letting us print the lines correctly. If anyone can explain why this line type change happened during conversion I would appreciate it. Current solution is to create a new award with modification and then put the justification for the new award creation and go from there.


      I would really appreciate it if you can guide me and show me how to revert the converted lines from qty based back to the original amt based.




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          Some more information, we also discovered that if we make modifications to a line of an award, the system will throw and error and will not provide an output. So we have to keep making new modifications and ensure that there are no line changes and go forward from there. Although this is a workaround, this causes a lot of issues with the team since there are many modifications that sit there idle due to a change made to the line.


          Thanks gurus