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    change the user expiration days in EBS R12.2


      Hi Team,


      Currently users having expiration days 90 and planing to change it to 180 days. but when i have raised SR with oracle they have given API sample procedure. can you please some one help on this. your help on this highly appreciated. here is the oracle commendation.



      "Password Expiration" Information is stored in FND_USER table on the column PASSWORD_LIFESPAN_DAYS.
      You can use the API 'fnd_user_pkg' for updating this.
      The function is 'update user'.

      procedure UpdateUser (
                x_user_name                  in varchar2,
                x_owner                      in varchar2,
                x_unencrypted_password       in varchar2 default null,
                x_session_number             in number   default null,
                x_start_date                 in date     default null,
                x_end_date                   in date     default null,
                x_last_logon_date            in date     default null,
                x_description                in varchar2 default null,
                x_password_date              in date     default null,
                x_password_accesses_left     in number   default null,
                x_password_lifespan_accesses in number   default null,
                x_password_lifespan_days     in number   default null,
                x_employee_id                in number   default null,
                x_email_address              in varchar2 default null,
                x_fax                        in varchar2 default null,
                x_customer_id                in number   default null,
                x_supplier_id                in number   default null,
                x_old_password               in varchar2 default null

      On the other hand, Password Expiration can be unset by
      setting the PASSWORD_LIFESPAN_DAYS to NULL.