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    Find concurrent request from SQL ID

    Girish Sunkara

      I am trying to find concurrent request that executed a SQL ID to investigate a potential tuning issue.

      How to do this? Below is the information from ASH report,


      Top user events:

             Event                   Event Class  %Event   Avg Active Sessions

      db file sequential read      User I/O       39.22           2.14

      CPU + Wait for CPU       CPU            36.32           1.98


      Top SQLs with top events:

      26ysqsawx3yuc      CPU + Wait for CPU

      6dgnpwwquhhxz      db file sequential read

      0g9xcs1jrad8a         CPU + Wait for CPU

      8zkza2pfjb95c         db file sequential read

      0tw0agw9wcmp7     db file sequential read


      Top DB Objects:

      Object ID  %Activity Event                          %Event  Object Name                                                   (Type)        Tablespace

      119167          8.83    db file sequential read       8.73    GL.GL_JE_LINES                                         (TABLE) APPS_TS_TX_DATA

      117043          3.02    db file sequential read       2.08    AP.AP_INVOICES_ALL                                (TABLE)  APPS_TS_TX_DATA

      119288          2.84    db file sequential read       2.17    AR.RA_CUSTOMER_TRX_ALL                    (TABLE) APPS_TS_TX_DATA

      119157          2.82    direct path read temp        0.96    GL.GL_JE_HEADERS                                  (TABLE) APPS_TS_TX_DATA

      118263          2.65    db file sequential read       2.39    AR.AR_RECEIVABLE_APPLICATIONS_ALL (TABLE) APPS_TS_TX_DATA




      So my question is, how to trace back the concurrent request that executed the SQL ID?