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    Oracle EBS: Form Upgrade Bundle Patch ???


      Dear Oracle Experts,


      For last few days , we are having a problem once we export the bulk data in Sales order form, I have raised a SR to Oracle Support and they are given me a action plan to upgrade a Form bundle.


      They are referred me a Notes but I am confusing How will upgrade Complete Forms & Reports bundles.


      Kindly guide me to upgrade the forms & reports and also help me which patches I have to be applied .


      Make sure, I have a Linux environment with database and 12.1.3 Application.


      Below are the Action Plain for Oracle .


      From our forms team for the level you are on:


      The uploaded Report_Inventory.html output shows forms code level over 5 years old.


      Please apply the latest forms bundle patch 14825718 and forms overlay patch 22698265 is installed
      as referenced in Note 437878.1 Upgrading Forms and Reports 10g in Oracle Applications Release 12
      pre-req steps as an example in ( Doc ID 1301320.1 ) How to patch OUI for installing overlay patches on top of Forms Bundle Patch - 9593176

      and forms interoperability patch 14837539 is installed





      Shahzad khan