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    Kill Runaway Forms Sessions


      Hi all,


      EBS R12.1.3





      How do you kill a runaway forms sessions?


      I found this script to find Runaway Forms Sessions.

      Q1. It did not tell where to find the variable "&form_process_id". How do I obtain it/

      Q2. It did not also tell how to kill it.


      Please help...

      Kind regards,




      set lines 130

      set pages 200

      column userinfo heading "ORACLE/OS User" format a25

      column terminal heading "Term" format a6

      column process heading "Parent|Process ID" format a10

      column "sid (audsid)" format a20

      column spid heading "Shadow|Process ID" format a10

      column event heading "Waiting" format a30


      select s.username||' '||s.osuser||' ('||decode(s.terminal,'unknown','?','UNKNOWN','?',s.terminal) ||')' userinfo,

      s.sid||','|| s.serial# ||' ('|| s.audsid ||')' "sid (audsid)",   p.spid, w.event , w.p1

      from v$session s, v$process p ,v$session_wait w

      where p.addr = s.paddr and s.sid = w.sid and s.process = '&form_process_id' ;


      Sample Output:

      Enter value for form_process_id: 19721

      old   5:      and s.process = '&form_process_id'

      new 5:      and s.process = '19721'




      ORACLE/OS User            sid (audsid)         Process ID                Waiting                                P1

      ------------------------- -------------------- ----------     ------------------------------ ----------

      APPS applmgr ()           22,21485 (615657)    27872                    SQL*Net message from client    1952673792