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    Problem while installing Oracle REST Data Services schema


      Dear All,


      I'm trying to install ORDS 3.0 (ords. using below command


      java -jar ords.war install advanced


      When prompted whether to install ORDS schema or not, I chose to install..


      Enter the username with SYSDBA privileges to verify the installation [SYS]:


      When prompted for user with SYSDBA access I have given ADMIN_USER who has SYSDBA access (not SYS user)


      But with this user, I'm getting below error..


      Error starting at line : 6 in command -
          l_version varchar2(30) := null;
          invalid_alter_sess exception;
          pragma exception_init(invalid_alter_sess,-02248);
        if (sys.dbms_db_version.VERSION = 12) then
            execute immediate
              'select version from sys.registry$ where cid = ''CATPROC'''
              into l_version;
            -- dbms_output.put_line('Version: '||l_version||' CDB Install: '||'^2');
            if (l_version = '') AND ('^2' = 'FALSE') then
              -- Non-CDB install. Do not use _ORACLE_SCRIPT parameter for
              execute immediate 'alter session set "_ORACLE_SCRIPT"=^1';
            end if;
        end if;
        when invalid_alter_sess then
      Error report -
      ORA-02097: Parameter kann nicht verändert werden, da angegebener Wert ungültig ist
      ORA-01031: Nicht ausreichende Berechtigungen
      ORA-06512: in Zeile 16


      Question: Why am I getting this error even though provided user has SYSDBA role? Is it mandatory that I shall run this installation step only with SYS user? Please support.


      Database: Oracle DB EE (No multi-tenant architecture)

      APEX: APEX 5.0.3


      Best Regards,