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    SQL Developer to SQL Server with SSL and Windows Authentication


      I'm having trouble configuring all things SQL Developer so that I can do (what I consider to be) something complicated. I hope you all can help me.


      Our auditors have requested that our SQL Server database be secured with SSL and Windows Authentication. Most of our database users are Linux and SQL Developer users (we use a number of different databases and environments). Our SQL Developer users can access the database very well with Windows Auth. SSL is a different beast, entirely. Windows users who use SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio) have no problem, but our SQL Developer users cannot open the database--it times out.


      I am running SQL Developer We connect to SQL Server 2012.

      I have put ntlmauth.dll in the [sqldeveloper]\jdk\jre\bin folder.

      I have placed .JAR files into my windows\system32 folder (jtds-1.2.7, sqljdbc files x, 4, 41, 42) and have added them to Tools | Preferences | Database | Third Party JDBC Drivers.

      I have experimented with a NUMBER of different connection strings, including my latest: jdbc:jtds:sqlserver://[fully-qualified servername]:1433/[databasename];domain=[domain];AuthenticationMethod=kerberos;ssl=require;ValidateServerCertificate=false. Leaving out domain, authenticationMethod and validateServerCertificate don't seem to affect anything visible, but removing the ssl parameter forces an immediate failure, where otherwise it will churn until it eventually times out.


      I have a feeling that the fix is either something idiotic I have overlooked, or it can't be done because of some technical detail. I have tried every mutation I have been able to find on the Internet. Does anyone have experience or knowledge that might be helpful?


      Thanks in advance.

      Kindest regards,