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    Unable to allocate memory in procedure aiumab



      on 11.5.10 on AIX DB

      when applying adpatchs the worker fails with :


      Loading contents of archive file into database with arguments




      -Xmx512M oracle.aurora.server.tools.loadjava.LoadJavaMain -f -thin -user "APPS/*****@server:1555:db" $APPL_TOPl/admin/db/out/p001ldjva.jar


      AD Worker error:

      Unable to allocate memory in procedure aiumab().
      (num_needed=5120) > (max_allocatable[record_type]=4096) and record_type = 8


      I applied the solution from 333785.1:

      $ ulimit -d unlimited

      But I have always the same problem.

      I want to avoid applying the patch 17726123 because this patch is in case of applying  EBS PATCH 9535311.

      Thank for help.