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    jax-rs RESTful web service with Glassfish


      Hi everybody


      I have buid a RESTful web service with using jax-rs. Its a simple RESTful that returns an entity from a database. This entity is a simple user (id ; email ; password ; adress ; ...). Everything works well and if i call url http://localhost:8080/myNetBeansProject/user i have an xml with all user in the table

      I would like to create another @GET method from path "email" to return just the user email list. It is possible from the same entity ?

      I have a 500 internal server error with this code and i have no error in the glassfish output:

      The problem is with the findAllEmail namedQuery (line 38), call in the AbstractFacade.java (line 275) and fired by the method @GET findAllEmail() (line 334).


      The full project: https://github.com/BeRoots/WebServiceREST

      If you have any issue for this problem

      Thank in advance...


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          You are using a named query "WpUsers.findAllEmail" where you are trying to return only the "userEmail" field ("SELECT w.userEmail FROM WpUsers w"). userEmail field is a String and your method return a List of WpUsers objects.


          public List<T> findAllEmail() {
                  return getEntityManager().createNamedQuery("WpUsers.findAllEmail").getResultList();

          You can use the findAll() method, iterate the returned list and just return the userEmail field.


          You must define a custom MessageBodyWriter to parse the List, if you got the following error

          "MessageBodyWriter not found for media type=application/xml, type=class java.util.ArrayList, genericType=java.util.List<java.lang.String>"