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    Deprecating the Cursor_Sharing = 'SIMILAR' Setting (Doc ID 1169017.1)


      All about the cursor_sharing = SIMILAR in Doc 1169017.1 applies on Oracle Database standar edition ?

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          Gary Graham-Oracle

          Although this is not the correct forum for such a question, it is simple enough to read the note and see that...


          1. It was last updated July 22, 2015, fairly recently given the multi-year roll-out seen in every Oracle DB release cycle.

          2. It specifically says Applies to:  Enterprise Edition, however, looking at the 11.1 doc, the optimizer is not a distinct, separately licensed feature...

          See https://docs.oracle.com/cd/B28359_01/license.111/b28287/editions.htm

          Table 1-1 Feature Availability for Oracle Database Editions

          3. It specifically references

          Note: In and, although setting the parameter to SIMILAR will still be allowed, it will effectively behave as though cursor_sharing was set to FORCE.

          So it seems likely to be the same for Standard Edition, but to be cautious, it would be best to re-post the question in the most appropriate featured space under Database