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    Cannot set connection with apex Listener over sql developer

    Plomipuu Dmitri

      Hi everyone. I can't connect to my apex listener over Sql Developer anyway.


      For beginning:


      Earlier i could connect to my listener , but now Sql Developer programm is writing to me : "password has expired" or "Invalid logon/password. Access denied".

      Because i solved to remove previous connection and create new ) with some connection data like here but error occurs :



      So in the database connection properties now i change Oracle Client to Instant Client and try to connection again , but another error occurs:


      Status: Failure -Test failed: ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied. I know what error means , but i can't repair this. Because i'm stuck eventually.


      Please help me. Say me : what me to do in my apex connection problem ? Give me the detailed advices ).