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    ords 3.0.5. File download from Oracle Forms

    Erik Trip - Darwin IT


      We are in the process of migrating form Oracle Forms 11 to Oracle Forms 12. The OHS is not supported with Oracle 12 so we migrated to ORDS 3.0.5. In our forms 11 environment we are using a special DAD configuration to show aour pdf files which are stored in the database.

      This DAD configuration looks like this:


      <Location /pls/ladp>

      SetHandler pls_handler

      Order allow,deny

      Allow from All

      PlsqlDatabaseUsername ****

      PlsqlDatabasePassword ***

      PlsqlDatabaseConnectString **** TNSFormat

      PlsqlNLSLanguage "dutch_the netherlands.we8mswin1252"

      PlsqlAuthenticationMode Basic

      PlsqlDocumentTablename twq_v_ladp

      PlsqlDocumentPath docs

      PlsqlDocumentProcedure p_ladp.start_export

      PlsqlDefaultPage p_lado.start_import

      PlsqlExclusionList sys.*,dbms_*,owa.*,htp.*,htf.*



      In p_ladp.start_export  the wpg_docload procedure is used.


      What steps do we have to take to implement this functionality using ORDS?

      Regards Erik

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          Jacob Madsen

          Hi Erik


          We're in the exact same situation as you. We're also in the process of migrating from Forms and Reports 11g to 12c. We're thereby also forced onto ORDS due to the lack of the mod_plsql module in 12c. My short answer is:


          - wpg_docload still works fine with ORDS, as long as you're using version 3.0.5 or newer.

          - The PlsqlDocumentTablename parameter for uploading files to the database has an equal parameter called "apex.docTable". This parameter, however, won't work without a full APEX deployed in the database. We rely on this functionality in our applications, as I suppose you do. But the bad news here is, that it probably won't be possible to run upload files through ORDS - without having a full APEX installation - until probably version 3.1.0. That's at least all the information, I've been able to get out of Kris Rice. In my company, we are still considering, if we should wait for this functionality, or if we should bite the bullet and deploy APEX in our database, even though we really don't have anything to use it for, apart from this functionality. We would rather not have to have a product to maintain, that we don't really need.

          Besides this, I would recommend you to take a look at this unofficial migration guide for more details. https://oss.oracle.com/projects/mod_owa/dist/documentation/ords_setup.htm


          Hope this helps,


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