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    OBIEE GoURL security issue


      Hi Experts,


      Please can anyone suggest me how I can encrypt the GO URL of OBIEE, so that OBIEE can decrypt the URL and provide me the dashboard page?


      What am I trying to achieve :


      I have a Java JSF Web Application in which I need to embed OBIEE report in <IFRAME> tag. I am able to display OBIEE reports. But when I right click and “view source” on the browser, any layman is eligible to get access to GO URL which is not encrypted. I am currently facing issue with regards to security.


      Below is the GO URL for example : The highlighted data is to be encrypted in such a way that OBIEE, can decrypt the GO URL and retrieve the Dashboard page.



      Your suggestion or any other better ideas on how we can hide valuable information in the GO URL would be so much appreciated.

      Please advice.


      Kind Regards,

      Surya Bhadragiri


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