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    Has anyone deleted a record from rcv_transactions_interface when status is LC_INTERFACED


      We have a record stuck in rcv_transactions_interface with status LC_INTERFACED. 

      I see a related record in INL.INL_SHIP_HEADERS_ALL and INL.INL_HOLDS

      Red X is NOT available in Transactions Status Summary form and Oracle DOCs provided indicate we should NOT turn on if we are using Landed Cost Management

      Alternative Provided is to use a generic script but again there is NOTE not to use this script if record is in status LC_INTERFACED

      We want to delete the receipt from rcv_transactions_interface but are concerned about other related tables.

      Oracle has not provided another solution

      What are the consequences of deleting from RCV_TRANSACTIONS_INTERFACE and leaving the record in INL.INL_SHIP_HEADERS_ALL?