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    how to return the filters page for useing "Navigate to web page" action


      Hi Experts,

      Since the special columns for drilling in master report is not the same in detail report, so I use the "Navigate to web page" functin for navigating in answer, but after I filter the data and drill down from master to detail report , and click the "Return" button in detail report, it will show the original report,not the filter page.Is it possible to implement for show the filter page? Thanks.
      PS: (Steps)
      A. The month of original report is 201606;
      B. When I use "Month" prompt for filtering the data, and it will show data for 201605;
      C. I click the one special column for drilling down to detail report.
      D. The data for detail report will be filtered for patameters.
      E. When I click the "Return" button, it will go the original page(it is data for 201606), not 201605.
      F. URL as below:
   {1}&Action=@{2}&Options=@{3}&Done=@{4}&col1=@{5}&val1="@         {6}"&col2=@{7}&val2="@{8}"
      1. path =/shared/Sales/Raw Cost
      2. Action=Navigate
      3. Options = fdr
      4. Done=PortalPages ( I think it is wrong the configuration, but I do not know how to write it.)
      5. "Date"."Month"
      6. "Date"."Month"
      7. "Base Measure"."Menu Item Code"
      8. "Menu Item"."Menu Item Code"