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    EBS login page not appearing like before




      When we launch login page:

      Front half looks good and bottom half is blank white screen---- when i just launch login page i dont see "username and password fields instead we are just seeing white blank page.


      When I click on blank white screen (or) refresh the page it comes up properly.


      Do anyone has any ideas ?


      we opened SR long ago and closed as oracle says no personalizations or customizations they support. I have applied below patches and it looks to me that CPU Patch p22133441_12.1.0_R12_LINUX.zip may have broken this login page.


      10.1.2 ORACLE_HOME:

      1. Rolled back p14614795_101231_LINUX.zip

      2. Rolled Back p9593176_10123_Linux-x86-64.zip

      3. Applied p14825718_10123_LINUX.zip

      4. Applied p22698265_101232_LINUX.zip


      10.1.3 ORACLE_HOME

      1. Applied p21845960_101350_LINUX.zip.


      R12.1.3 APPL_TOP EBS:

      1. Applied p13602427_R12.JTT.B_R12_GENERIC.zip

      2. Applied p20986782_R12.CC_PF.B_R12_GENERIC.zip

      3. Applied p22133441_12.1.0_R12_LINUX.zip