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    POs and Tax (UK VAT)

    David T

      Hello all, I regret to say this is a very simple question but....


      I am trying to get Punchout working on 12.1.3. One of our suppliers is used to receiving POs from an our legacy (non Oracle) system.

      These POs quote him back Sales Tax (UK VAT) per line.


      When we have done tests from EBS, he can receive our PO XML satisfactorily but is unhappy with the content. That is there is no Tax.

      My gut feeling is standard Oracle functionality for PO & PO XML?

      He is I think trying to get purchasing to do his tax accounting for him, but why should it?


      Any thoughts on this?


      When I have tried to re-create the PO via SRS, there is certainly no tax quoted


      Thanks in advance, David