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    OP Approval Question


      I have a situation where a person (A) entered a PO for 1,500.  Their approval route goes to person (B) between 0-50K.  Person B received the approval notification and approved the PO. 


      Then person B made a change to the PO.  The Originator is then changed to B in JDE.  Person B has an approval route set up as follows: Above 50K goes to C, above 250K goes to D.   When B made the change to the PO, it went to D for approval even thought it was still only 1,500.  I would have thought it would auto approve since it was well within B's limit.


      I found documentation on Oracle that says if the originator is also an approver, then if a change is made the order goes to the approver who is above the originator regardless of the originator's position in the route or the amount of the order.


      Since the originator changed to B I would have thought based on the logic from Oracle that it would then go to C.  Instead it ended up with D.


      Has anyone experienced this or know where I may have missed something?