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    LB with R1213


      Hi All,



      Database: Two Node RAC -

      Apps: TWO Nodes - Shared File System [ all services running in both the nodes]

      OS: HP Itanium 11.31


      Is there any document available to load balance EBS with LB[cisco css 11503]


      I checked:

      Using Cisco ACE Series Application Control Engine with Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 (Doc ID 603325.1)


      I shred with Hardware team and they need specific to cisco css 11503 docs.


      Is any steps deferent  in 1150 model than other LB, please suggest and share the idea's/docs for 11503 model


      For me LB is working fine when two nodes up & running, when node1 normal shutdown LB working fine but when am getting issue when Node1 abnormal down(init0)

      Login page appearing for 10 mins, forms opening all slow


      We configured round robin algorithm, along with round robin is there any conditional or extra algorithms need to add


      Please suggest.






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          Please review:

          - Note.380489.1 Using Load-Balancers with Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 (Session persistence is required for the E-business suite as described in this document)

          - Note 601694.1 How To Check Session Persistence On BigIP F5, Cisco Ace, Citrix Netscaler or Radware AppDirector Load Balancer Appliances

          - Note 727171.1 Implementing Load Balancing On Oracle E-Business Suite - Documentation For Specific Load Balancer Hardware

          Thank you