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    Cals in Column Formula Issue




      I have write formulas at the column formula level and not at the report level as per the requirement.

      I need to filter Total sales(from Main Sales table) by Date and Type columns from (consumer table).Screenshot of the RPD design below.Screenshot.jpg

      when i do it at the report level, i am getting right data.

      when i remove the report filter conditions and add the filters at the column level, the query does not even take the filters and it gives total value irrespective of my filters(all the joins are there but filters does not appear in the query). I have tried adding columns from Pre sales and pre sales alias to see if  that helps, but the filter conditions are not coming up in the query if the filters are at column level. Am i missing something here?


      below is the formula i am using for my column formula :


      FILTER(sum("Main Sales"."Total Sales") USING (("consumers"."type" NOT IN ('R', 'K')) AND ("consumers"."date" IN (date '@{c_date}{2016-07-21}'))))