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    how to stop and start oracle instance with specific name.

    Plomipuu Dmitri

           Hi again.


      I'm trying to create the new Oracle instance. I called it the 'orcl'. But after adding the new instance to RAC database , i need restart that instance.

      But following commands are working only in the Linux/Unix:


      $srvctl stop database -d orcl

      $srvctl start database -d orcl


      But my Oracle sql server are installed on the Windows: Don't ask me: 'Why i'm using Windows'. Simply for study(for real job practice i will to use only Linux/Unix) and no more that )).

      I'm tried to use the srvctl command on the Windows command prompt , but it's not worked (srvctl is unknown command by Windows).

      Because please answer : how to stop and start orcl instance yet ? Are existing another way for solving that problem(explain me that in details) ?

      If not , so please say : how to install the srvctl on the windows for using this over command prompt that restart the orcl instance ?