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    Undelivered message "542 Rejected"




      I have Sun Java System Communications Express 6 installed on a RedHat machine. I am facing an issue when one of the users is trying to send email to a specific email address. The email is undelivered and the user get the following response message:

      "<recipient_address>: host

      <host>[<ip_address>] said: 542 Rejected.

      (in  reply to RCPT TO command)"

      Here is the details.txt file that is attached with the above message:


      Reporting-MTA: dns; <postmaster_hostname>

      X-Email-Security-Appliance-Queue-ID: 2BACE132309B_795A183B

      X-Email-Security-Appliance-Sender: rfc822; <sender_emailaddress>

      Arrival-Date: Mon, 25 Jul 2016 05:20:03 +0000 (GMT)


      Final-Recipient: rfc822; <recipient_emailaddress>

      Original-Recipient: rfc822;<recipient_emailaddress>

      Action: failed

      Status: 5.0.0

      Remote-MTA: dns; <hostname>

      Diagnostic-Code: smtp; 542 Rejected."


      I can see also from my mail log located on my server that the message is enqued but it never get delivered.

      Is there anything i can do on my side to allow the email to be sent or shall i contact the recipients email administrator for actions to be taken in his side?

      If you need more info please feel free to ask.


      Thank you

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          Ned Freed-Oracle

          [Since (a) It doesn't appear that Oracle support is monitoring this Community any more and (b) Email forwarding of community posts breaks on a regular basis, making it impossible to deal with from the email side of things, I recommend that future questions be posted to the info-ims mailing list run by Rolf Sonneveld at  info-ims@sonnection.nl. The info-ims list is actively monitored, and moreover has been in continuous operation for 15+ years.]


          First, whenever you want someone to look at one of these it's vital that you provide as much of the DSN you're getting as possible. I understand the need for anonymity, but there can be important clues in the overall structure and text these things contain.


          In any case, the fact that there appear to be lines of the form:


            X-Email-Security-Appliance-Queue-ID: 2BACE132309B_795A183B

            X-Email-Security-Appliance-Sender: rfc822; <sender_emailaddress>


          In the DSN you are getting - something Messaging Server never generates in its DSNs -  and assuming the


          Reporting-MTA: dns; <postmaster_hostname>


          information does not point to one of your hosts, it appears you're getting an error report from a remote system after the message has left your administrative domain. If this is the case, this really has nothing to do with Messaging Server at all; it just general SMTP debugging.


          FWIW, I believe the "X-Email" fields in a DSN are something associated with Microsoft Exchange, or perhaps with some sort of security gizmo you hang off of Exchange.


          Unfortunately "542 Rejected' isn't exactly informative, especially since "542" isn't a defined status response in SMTP. As such, it could mean pretty much anything. So I'm afraid your only recourse here is to contact the postmaster of the destination domain, provide them with the DSN, and ask them what is going on.






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            Thank you for your post.

            The problem it was indeed from the destination domain. We contacted their administrator and they fix it.

            Thank you very much.

            I will have in mind also what you suggested about the community posts.


            Have a nice day!