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    Supplier bids automatically submitted


      We are on R12.2.3

      We recently had and auction event and suppliers had submitted their responses but supplier claims that they have placed only one bid and the subsequent bids were automatically done without their notice (attached the excel showing the bids placed by the suppliers).

      I tried bidding by giving a Proxy Minumum amount and also without the proxy minimum amount and the behaviour was different unlike the attached doc.

      Can you please try and let me know IF the highlighted bid values in the attached excel could be possibly done by the systems auto bidding or is it possible only by manual bidding.


      Or How do we stop Auto-bidding for an auction event or for a particular supplier.

      This is the 2nd time auto bidding happened and that too only for one supplier. We have another event in a week and looking for a way to stop auto bidding.

      Please suggest.


      Checked from the back-end to see the supplier activities and it appears that the supplier placed only one bid and only one bid number appears. but the other suppliers did submit multiple bids and their multiple bid numbers are appearing fine.


      Attaching the supplier bid activity record.