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    KFF fndload specific context and associated segments value sets only - solution


      Created SR 3-13054666061 : Download Partial KFF and associated valuesets, wasn't much help but then had a light bulb moment and stumbled upon fndload download of single descriptive flexfield context is not working

      DFF article and used the same P_LEVEL arguments as suggested in the link. Interesting that Oracle SR said there is no documentation on P_LEVEL or explanation of codes used. Would be good to know.


      Following command worked for me.


      --KFF download that works



      NB: go to KFF segments and get the values from Help->Diagnostics->Examine for APPLICATION_SHORT_NAME=, ID_FLEX_CODE and ID_FLEX_STRUCTURE_CODE


      There are number of metalink notes that mentioned how to download KFF specific structure but it didn't work for me. It downloaded specific structure but problem was that it was downloading all the value sets in that structure associated with other segments not belonging to my structure. The above command worked for me.


      Tips and Examples Using FNDLOAD(Doc ID 735338.1)

      FNDLOAD Commands to Download Different Seed Data Types.(Doc ID 274667.1)


      Hope someone finds this useful.

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          problematic apparently because of ' ' around P_LEVEL options-> $FND_TOP/bin/FNDLOAD apps/boleh1 0 Y DOWNLOAD $FND_TOP/patch/115/import/afffload.lct DELL_CLAIM_OWNER_KFF_STRUCTURE.ldt KEY_FLEX P_LEVEL='COL_ALL:REF_ALL:CTX_ONE:SEG_ONE' APPLICATION_SHORT_NAME="INV" ID_FLEX_CODE="MCAT"

          ID_FLEX_STRUCTURE_CODE="Dell Claim Owner Assignment"

          this command when used downloads all the value sets for KFF instead of only downloading the corresponding ones.


          Interesting found this comment in load file


          09-DEC-05 golgun No $SRS$ downloads using this file.

          # P_LEVEL concept is removed from DFF entities.

          # 12-DEC-05 golgun P_LEVEL concept is removed from KFF entities.


          P_LEVEL doesn't affect anything.