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    Copy database ends up with ORA-17008




      i have the following problem:

      I try to copy a Database via SQL Developer.


      I have connected both Databases and to copy i choose "extras -> copy Database"

      Within the wizard everything works fine, but after round about 3 Seconds after the copy-process started i recieve an error Message ORA-17008.

      So somehow the connection is closed.

      Both options "reconnect" and "abort" leads to the exact same behavior. The error window shows up again.

      While the copy process seems to work, because the object that is copied is shown in the copy-window changes. The Error Window keeps showing up every .5 seconds.


      I tried to

           - set up the connection again.

           - reinstall SWL Developer


      No changes.

      Does anyone have a clue why the connection breaks?