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    Automatically Generate a Data Flow Table


      Hi Team,


      I'm working with a new company that has no Documentation of their EBS Customizations and Data Flow Diagrams and i would like to build one for them.

      I've also had this experience with another company before, and i did everything manually by looking into DB Objects Dependencies, Forms, numerous questions to Business Users, self-discovery and it took me a couple of weeks to create a "workable" data flow diagram.


      Now, i would like to create one faster and better.

      Any free or built-in tools that you recommend i can use?


      Thank you!

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          Sounds like you have already considered the main options (DBA Dependencies etc). Therere are however so many different places where database objects can be referenced by non database objects that this is only the tip of the iceberg as it seems you are already too aware. Oracle Alerts, XMLP Reports, Forms, Reports, etc etc. You can usw CRUD tools to help you out a bit which basically parse sourcecode and give you a CRUD matrix, however they're generally not 100% reliable. If the company has got themselves in this situation with their customisations then unfortunately it's a long torturous way out. Hopefully your first task from here is to put something in place to control all of this.

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            Hi John_K, Yes, the non-database objects such as Forms, Reports, SQL Scripts, Shell Scripts cannot be seen by DBA Dependencies.

            What i did before with my previous two companies is to check using grep and manually read through code. It would be neat if Oracle can create a tool for Forms and Reports that reference Database Objects. (Example: once the Form/Report compiles, it creates a "Table Lookup" somewhere in the Database that shows the Referenced Objects within the Form/Report).


            Thanks! I better get started on this...