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    OBIEE Error trying to connect with Smartview and OBIEE



      When i tried to use the Shared connection to connect to some OBIEE server i am seeing this error message:

      [2016-08-02T14:46:12-03:00] [SVC] [NOTIFICATION:4] [SVC7257] [SVC] [ecid: 00i_v2FpnNyDOdopSSd9ic0003AC000000,0] Log Message Displa&y|Information|Warnings|Errors|None|Extended Info [[Start logging]]

      [2016-08-02T14:46:35-03:00] [SVC] [ERROR:1] [SVC2245] [SVC] [ecid: 00i_v2FpnNyDOdopSSd9ic0003AC000000,0] Incomplete product information has been sent by Workspace. Either name or ID is missing.


      Can anyone help me to solve it please?

      Thanks in advance