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    SQL Developer Crashes when double clicking on sql file in Windows


      This has been a problem for a long time and there have been a bunch of threads about it, with no definitive answers for how to fix it.


      Here are a few previous examples that describe the problem nicely:


      sqldeveloper64W.exe has stopped working

      SQL Developer 4.1.2 (64 Bit) Crashes on MS Windows 7 When Double Clicking SQL Script File to Open


      So has anybody actually figured out a real fix for this? Lots of threads mention things like changing your shell association to sqldeveloper64W.exe instead of sqldeveloper.exe. This does not solve the problem. Also lots of talk about cleaning up the file associations in your registry, this also does NOT appear to solve the problem permanently. And using 32 bit SQL Developer isn't an option for me because I often have to do large exports that cause it to run out of memory and grind to a complete halt.


      In general, the problem seems to typically go away for a while if you reboot so lots of the "solutions" that have been posted for this don't actually solve it, but they trick people into thinking it's solved because they involve a reboot. If you comb through all the threads made over the years about this problem there's lots of instances of someone thinking their problem was solved only to come back a few days later a say that it started happening again.


      It's been years now dealing with this, eagerly downloading each new version hoping it's finally fixed and nothing. It's really, really frustrating.

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          Assuming it's not a limitation of Java and the JDK, I will see what we can do about getting this working as expected for version 4.2.


          In the meantime, I would use File -> Open, or drag and drop your .sql file into SQLDev - that seems to be more reliable for me at least.


          There's also File > Reopen and View > Files.

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            FYI, this is still happening to me in version It's very unpredictable. Sometimes, after a reboot, double clicking on SQL files works and in tends to stay working unless you close sql devloper and open it again (at which point it might or might not work). Other times after a reboot it doesn't work at all.


            There is, however, one clear pattern that seems 100% consistent: once it stops working, the only thing that can potentially fix it is a reboot. I have tinkered endlessly and I've never ever gotten it working again without rebooting. (with the only exception that if sql developer is closed, if you double click on a sql file it'll launch sql developer and open that one file but then crash like usual for subsequent files)


            Another note, this is not limited to double-clicking on a file in Windows Explorer. From what I've seen it effectively prevents any way to programmatically open a file in sql developer. You can't open them via CMD's start command, nor directly running sqldeveloper.exe (or sqldeveloper64w,exe) with the file path as an argument, nor via powershell's invoke-item. Everything always ends with "SQL Developer has stopped working".

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              Yes, this is very annoying, I have similar problem also with the newest version (sqldeveloper- in Windows. I really hope you could solve this issue :-)