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    Customize PO Communication - Track email transmission status.




      I have a requirement to define/customize communication mechanism for PO documents to suppliers. We need to


      1) provide solution to send error notifications to buyer/requestor if there is any communication failure in transmitting the PO document to the supplier, specifically for the email communications, i.e. potentially identify the email status of the transmission whether it is sent to supplier and successfully received. Additionally we will need the capability of identifying any automated responses from the suppliers like out of office.

      2) provide a log/report to view all the procurement related transactions with suppliers.

      3) customize the subject line and body content of the email transmission.

      4)  optionally attach any additional documents to the email.

      5) Ability to request response notification from the supplier when PO document is received.




      The solution must provide timely and meaningful error notifications to the requestor or buyer of purchase order related communication failures or the inability to reach the destination endpoint

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          1) You can refer to WF_NOTIFICATIONS.mail_status column. It should be "SENT" if it has been sent.


          3) Please customize the POAPPRV workflow to customization the subject line.


          4) Attach the documents to PO headers with category equals "To Supplier" should work. Also, please set the "Max Attachment Size" and "Email Attachment Filename"in Purchasing Options to ensure the attachment can be sent.

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            Thanks for the response. It is helpful.


            1) I have seen the workflow notification status is SENT even when the email address is invalid. What we are trying to achieve is identify any potential errors such as email bounce when an invalid email address is entered or for any other reason and other scenarios such as capturing out of office response from the supplier when the notification is sent from workflow.  could you please let me know if you have any suggestions.