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    How to setup LOV UMX_OBJ_DESIGNATE_PROXY for Delegating Proxy User Privileges


      Hi all,


      In the System Administrator's Guide (12.1 / E12843-05) is the following mentioned to setup a LOV to control the list of people that can be selected while selecting a Proxy user for deligating your own privileges to:


      "Note: The permission that controls the list in the Add People LOV is UMX_OBJ_DESIGNATE_PROXY, and the object is UMX_USER_OBJECT. The out-of-the-box instance set contains all the people. The list can be modified by creating a new instance set and a grant (and deleting the existing grant), to restrict the list of people."


      So far I haven't been able to find anywhere in the documentation or on Metalink how to configure these LOV's.

      Does anyone have any information/documentation about this?


      Best regards,


      Luc Crousen

      KPN The Netherlands