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    Display row count when using a dashboard prompt on a hierarchical column

    Koen G-Oracle



      I have seen following discussion:

      Re: display total records using narrative view

      I want to understand if this is the same issue that I have and I want reconfirmation that there is no workaround at all.


      We have a dashboard with dashboard prompts and a report. One of the dashboard prompts is a Hierarchical Column.

      In the report we want to display:

      1) The total number of selected rows at the top of the report. We use: max(RCOUNT("a field name"))

      2) The rowcount for each record: We use: RCOUNT("a field name") ; And I also tried: RCOUNT(rsum(1 BY "Basic Information"."Person Number"))


      This works ok as long as the dashboard prompt on the  Hierarchical Column is not used.

      When the dashboard prompt on the  Hierarchical Column is given a value then the row counts are not correct anymore.


      => Questions:

      - For dashboard prompts on a Hierarchical Column we have to use selection steps (filters cannot be used for them)?

      - The selection steps work after the result set of the data and after the RCOUNT is processed. Therefore the RCOUNT is not correct (not taking into account the Hierarchical Column  prompt)?- Is there any workaround for this issue? Can I force the RCOUNT and max(rcount) to work after the selection step?