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    Calculate Need by Date using Lead Time

    Sarah Clapperton



      Currently we have our Need By Date in the iProcurement checkout set to default in with an offset of 2 days from system date.


      I want to change this so the Need By Date defaults in based on the Lead Time listed on the BPA against that particular item. The iProc user guide for v.12.2 states:


      The method to calculate the default Need-by Date is : System Date + Lead Time (if any) + Offset Value. If there is no lead time available for the item, then the calculation is System date + Offset Value. Offset Value is specified in the Need-by Date Offset field in the iProcurment Preferences page.


      We are currently using v. 12.1.3 - however i've tried the above anyway by putting in a lead time against the items and it doesn't appear to have any effect on the Need By Date. Does this not work in our version? Does anybody know of any way to get this working?