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    FDMEE Security in PBCS


      Does anyone know if FDMEE in PBCS allows security of users so that different users can load data but be restricted to just their entities?

      If this is not possible, how are people securing FDMEE in this fashion?

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          Looks like Service Admins can only access Data Management.  Just curious if anyone found a creative way to limit access to location loads in FDMEE via PBCS?


          PBCS: Only Administrators Can Access Data Management (Doc ID 1985245.1)

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            As you noted in the official Oracle documentation at this current time only Service Administrators can access Data management to load data. There is no workaround at this time thus you have to have your service admin load the data.


            There was an enhancement to be released this August for [DATA MANAGEMENT LOCATION SECURITY] which would allow assignment of. users to specific Data Management Locations. That  enhancement update however has to be put on hold possibly until September or later this year.


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