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    Conc Clean

    Ibrahim Malek

      Dear sir


      i've to clean the conc cause of some performance issues


      also kindly note its a custom environment i've tried CM clean script on the test server it went fine the conc was started ok ,

      but some custom jobs failed to start on the custom HRMS !!


      here's my instance details


      RDBMS :

      Oracle Applications : 12.0.6

      Machine : srvhqon16

      User : APPS

      Oracle SID : PROD

      System Date : 07-AUG-2016 08:26:44

      Database Server PID : 26608

      Session SID : 840

      SERIAL# : 22578

      AUDSID : 23679339

      Database CPU Usage (in secs) : 0.37




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          Hi Ibrahim,


          At first place using of CMCLEAN script is no more supported from oracle, use Instead concurrent manager recovery wizard from OAM.


          Please can you share error log you're facing with the custom managers.



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