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    Cannot Make A Connetion


      Dear Oracle Community


      I am having a problem making a connection with Oracle SQL Developer


      I think I had other error logs, I think error 10 or 100, but this was before I reinstalled MySQL and in the picture below, if you cannot see it the error number is

      ERROR 13369

      I have to add my OS is Win10 64bit 4GB RAM

      I do have several programs I do not expect to cause my connection problems


      Oracle VM VirtualBox

      Mocha TN5250

      NetBeans IDE 8.1

      EclipseJava Mars


      MS VisualStudio / various types


      But these are mainly saved on my external hardrive, including Oracle SQL Developer


      I am not sure if I am putting the right details into the input boxes but in "New Gallery" dialogue box, I click on "Database Connection".

      I believe the connection name was what I wish my subject to be called (I may be wrong), then my username I wish and password.



      believe my port number 1521 was my problem, but its not showing to be the problem now though am now sure. I have tried 3306 but with no joy


      Then the "SID" am not sure is correct.

      Am not sure if there is anything else I should or could do.


      I was guided to use this application in hope it would give me some insight into creating my "Normal Forms" 1NF 2NF 3NF and so forth.


      I am in my 2nd term of my first year studying for my first degree with HND Network Engineering Telecommunication (NETS)


      I look forward to your guidance.

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          Gary Graham-Oracle

          Do you have an Oracle database installed?  The host / port / sid in your connection details imply a default Oracle 11g Express Edition installation, but you also would need to have created a "jtvteach" user first in that database, which seems unlikely.


          If you want to use MySQL, then you would need to add a JDBC driver for MySQL via Tools > Preferences > Database > Third Party JDBC Drivers, something like mysql-connector-java-5.1.27-bin.jar.


          I suggest that you read through the following blog post and see it sheds any light...



          As for the String index out of range: 13369 message, I believe the 13369 is an index offset rather than an error number. In any event, it is an unusual message to get during a connect attempt.