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    Sequential Mapping of one dimension depending on other dimension




      I have a very complex question regarding mapping.


      We are building Workforce Budget Model containing 3000 employees.

      For skimmed Planning Metadata and smooth performance, we are only opening 100 Generic Employees (store members with descriptive text properties) e.g Employee 1, Employee 2, ... Employee 100. We have more than 400 cost centers and only 1 Entity.

      Is it possible to map employees against these generic members of Employee Dimension?


      Example: If there are 10 employees in Finance Cost Center and 15 Employee in IT Cost Center then Employee 1 to Employee 10 should be linked with Finance Cost Center and Employee 1 to Employee 15 should be linked for IT Cost Center.


      How can i achieve this? Do i need to use multi dimensional mapping or scripts?

      I did tried multidimensional mapping but couldn't get the desired request. Maybe i am using it wrong.


      Regards and thanks in advance of help.