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    Oracle eBS license- Question




      Could you please help me in getting answers to below two questions related to Oracle Licenses:


      1. We have a requirement to build some custom web services (For order and configuration creation) and exposed them to third parties.Does exposing any web services on Oracle application server needs separate license from Oracle or they are covered under standard Oracle eBS license? Please note that we are using Oracle eBS R12.2.4.


      2. There is a need of having orders created in Oracle applications from 3rd party systems. To implement this, it has been proposed that Oracle Configurator product jar files can be taken and deployed on another “Tomcat apache” server and on top of that a custom solution can be built that can create the object for Order and finally order can be created and booked in Oracle apps.

      Here are the jar files:





      Does this need any approval from Oracle or is it also covered under standard eBS license?


      Thanks in advance!