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    Problem using Oracle Workflow with InterConnect

      I've been trying to implement Oracle Workflow with InterConnect but I found a dead-end trying to figure out why my workflow definition never get registered in workflow database. I even try to create the Event Subscription manually from the Oracle Workflow Homepage and never get to work. However, I can see that my message has been absorbed by the Oracle Workflow Adapter. It's just the message never got through the Oracle Workflow process that I created using Oracle Workflow Builder.

      The only thing that I notice that every time I deploy the Oracle Workflow Event from iStudio and every time I send my message and captured by Oracle Workflow Adapter, I see message has been enqueue to Oracle AQ Queue called WF_IN. However, those message never got dequeue.

      If my analysis is correct, I believe those messages are suppose to be dequeue by some listener/process within InterConnect. But I see the messages are just sitting there. So, I'm assumeing that's why my message has never been processed by Oracle Workflow.

      If that's the case I must be missing something during installation or enabling the Oracle Workflow. There must be some kind of listener to WF_IN Queue that I must start or run. But I don't know what it is and how?

      Could anybody in this forum who's been using Oracle Workflow successfully with Interconnect helped me in this matter?

      Thank You,

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          You see, there is a missed part in InterConnect 10g Install Guide :-)))

          Look at InterConnect 4.1 Install Guide, if you have it :-) section "Oracle Workflow Installation -> Performing the Workflow Post-Installation Steps" - there are all you need!

          If you havn't that doc, look here:
          - create Listener for WF_IN queue (by default there is no listener for this standard queue:-))) (do it from Enterprise Manager Console -> Oracle Workflow -> Agent Listeners, or from (old) Workflow Check Setup page (http://<server>:<port>/pls/wf/Wf_Setup.Check_All) - set check time 1check/10sec)
          - create subscriptions on the BES events: oracle.apps.wf.event.agent/event/subscription.create from Oracle Worflow Home Page, key fields here are: Source Type = External, Rule Function = wf_event_functions_pkg.receive

          Good luck!
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            I've done what you suggested by doing it from the Enterprise Manager Console and have all the Agent Listeners Up. Now, I can see the list of the Agents and I can see the messages that created when I deploy the event is on the ready state. However, should not the WF_IN Agent dequeue the messages created by iStudio "Deploy to Workflow" from WF_IN queue? Because I can still the message there and not dequeued or processed. Do you think I'm missing something here?


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              1) When message is not processed in WF_IN, its state < 2 (when processed state=2). Check if you create listener for WF_IN correct? You should CREATE this listener, it is not created for you by default, all the parameters take from near by listeners.
              If afterwardes message is not dequeued, try to make a listener on Workflow Check Setup page - it must work

              2) Do not forget to make 3 subcriptions!!!
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                Thank You for your kind reply,

                I have created the following 3 subscription:
                1. Event: oracle.apps.wf.event.agent.create
                2. Event: oracle.apps.wf.event.event.create
                3. Event: oracle.apps.wf.event.subscription.create

                And this is the configuration in all 3 subscriptions:

                - System: WFLOWDEV.MAXIMUSBC.CA

                Triggering Condition
                - Source Type: External
                - Event Filter: oracle.apps.wf.event.agent.create
                - Source Agent: <blank>

                Execution Control
                - Phase: 1
                - Status: Enabled
                - Rule Data: Key

                - Rule Function: WF_EVENT_FUNCTIONS_PKG.RECEIVE
                - Workflow Item Type: EDWARD
                - Workflow Process Name: MYEVENTPROCESS
                - Out Agent: WF_OUT@WFLOWDEV.MAXIMUSBC.CA
                - To Agent: WF_IN@WFLOWDEV.MAXIMUSBC.CA
                - Priority: Normal
                - Parameters: <blank>

                - Owner Name: Edward Suryadi
                - Owner Tag: ES
                - Customization Level: User-Defined
                - Description: <blank>

                Does this event subscription configuration looks correct to you?


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                  When you create the WF_IN listener, do you create from http://<owf_home_page>:<port>/pls/wf/Wf_Setup.Check_All page?

                  Because I have created the WF_IN listener with the following configuration:

                  Agent: WF_IN
                  Run Date: 2006/06/09 10:01:30 (YYYY/MM/DD HH24:MI:SS)
                  Run Every
                  Days: 0
                  Hours: 0
                  Minutes: 0
                  Seconds: 1

                  Is this the WF_IN listener you're talking about? The weird thing I notice that each time I set the run date to today's date, it's automatically change the date to tomorrow date.