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    Schedule a Request Set with Email Notification on Error


      I've been researching how to schedule a request set that will only email staff when it ends in error.  I found that you cannot select the option for error-notification-only on the regular concurrent request set submission screen, but you can set it up this way under the System Administration responsibility.


      I would like to schedule this to run as sysadmin, so I switched user to "sysadmin", then proceeded to use System Administration > Request Set > Schedule to set it up.  We are on EBS 12.1.3.


      When I query for the request set name (whether "prior request set" or "new request set"), it does not find it.  If I add the System Administration responsibility to my own user name and try this, it does find the request set.


      Is there some requirement that the user has to have previously submitted the request set in order for the Schedule to find it?  I also added System Administration responsibility to another generic user name we use for importing interface files via a schedule, and this one has the responsibility tied to the request set, but it also does not find the request set name in the Schedule function.  How does that lookup work?