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    Mapping UNSPSC Codes to Purchasing Categories via Mapping Sets


      Hello All,


      (Fusion Procurement R11)


      I've been looking at Mapping Sets in the hope that they can be used to achieve a requirement.


      The scenario is:


      1. Supplier loads their BPA (Blanket Purchase Agreement) lines using a UNSPSC code

      2. The client has created their own Purchasing Categories


      What I would like to do is map the UNSPSC codes to the clients Purchasing categories.


      The way I see it working is:


      1. Create a Value Set with all UNSPSC codes

      2. Create a Mapping Set that takes a value from the Value Set as an Input which gets mapped to an Output value in the Purchasing category


      I'm struggling on how to link 1 and 2 above.


      Can anyone advise on my thinking or suggest an alternative?