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    OBIEE 12c -silent install of bi failing on response file validation checks



      I'm installing OBIEE 12c using the -silent mode and the 2nd part - installing the bi platform onto FMW infrastructure is failing see below:-



      Verifying data
      [VALIDATION] [ERROR]:INST-07546: Unable to find install type BI Platform Distribution
      [VALIDATION] [SUGGESTION]:Provide a valid install type
      installation Failed. Exiting installation due to data validation failure.


      The response file I generated by running the BI installer in the normal graphical way, navigating to the summary screen and saving the response file. 

      In that file the install type is set as below:-




      #Set this variable value to the Installation Type selected. e.g. BI Platform Distribution, BI Platform Distribution with Samples.

      INSTALL_TYPE=BI Platform Distribution


      Does anyone know if there is an issue with this value "BI Platform Distribution" as the INSTALL_TYPE?