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    Oracle Apps R12 - Disable two CP parameters dynamically


      Hi Friends,



      In my concurrent program there are four parameters

      For Exammple

      Parameter1(Number) , Parameter2(Number) , Parameter3(Number), Parameter4(Number)

      The values for Parameter should come from a lookup - So I created a value set and attached with the Parameter2. For example Parameter2 LOV gives the values AAA, BBB, CCC.

      If I choose BBB the Parameter3 and Parameter4 should enable for rest of the values , that is If I choose AAA or CCC the parameters 3 and 4 remain ENABLED.

      Kindly help how to acheive this

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          J Reinhart

          Two possibilities.


          One is to make parameters 3 and 4 dependent on parameter 2.  It's a lot to describe in detail here, but you could start with a search on dependent parameters (dependent is the key word here) and we can discuss the details more here if you like.  They can be a little tricky the first time you do it, but it is possible to do exactly what you are describing.


          There is a second way that I often use when I want the users to know other parameters exist but they are only allowed to actually enter them when its appropriate.  That is to set the LOV on parameters 3 and 4 so that the default and only value is "NA" if parameter 2 is the one that doesn't use parameters 3 and 4.  When parameter 2 does require parameters 3 and 4, then the list of values includes whatever is appropriate.  This can be done by use of a Table type value set for parameters 3 and 4, with the where clause of the value set incorporating parameter2 to change the list of possible values. 


          Hope this helps.  Giving a quick answer here, I can provide more detail if you'd like.



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            Just create dependent value sets and attach same.


            Some link for dependent value set -

            Steps to Create Dependent Value Set in Oracle Apps - Oracle HRMS Overview