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    FND_DOCUMENTS date columns


      Hi there...I'm wondering if anyone knows the intended purpose of the 2 date fields in applsys.fnd_documents...start_date_active and end_date_active?
      I can see their definitions in the eTRM that Start Date is 'Date on which the document is available for use' and End Date is 'Date on which the document is no longer available for use'

      However, when I try to set these columns for a document to use in Purchasing, the documents are still showing, regardless of the dates....So do they just apply for certain applications, or should we not even be trying to use them?


      Here is what I tried - I created 2 'To Supplier' attachments for my Supplier, one active up to 17-AUG-2016, and one from 18-AUG-2016 to the end of the year.  When I generated my PO, both attachments still came onto the PO and PO PDF...I had been hoping that just the one from 18-AUG-2016 would have appeared...(Any help from Procurement - EBS (MOSC) community would be great too )