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    Disable main toolbar permanently


      Hello everyone,


      OS:Windows 7




      Oracle SQL Developer


      Build MAIN-20.78

      IDE Version:

      Product ID: oracle.sqldeveloper

      Product Version:



      Component Version

      ========= =======

      Oracle IDE

      Java(TM) Platform 1.8.0_60

      Versioning Support



      Name Value

      ==== =====



      Name Identifier Version Status Registration Time Initialization Time Total Time

      ==== ========== ======= ====== ================= =================== ==========


      Is there a way to permanently disable main toolbar across restarts?

      This is "Windows 64-bit with JDK 8 included" version.



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          What is your actual requirement. Explain it.

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            View / Show toolbars/ (Uncheck )Main.


            Icons  on the toolbar (called as main toolbar in SQL Developer), dissappear after I do the above action and that space can be used by worksheets. But only till they  reappear on the toolbar after SQL Developer restart. This toolbar is situated below the standard toolbar(File Edit View Navigate Run Team Tools Window Help)


            There is a option prefixed to  "Main" on View / Show toolbars/ Main after SQL developer restart.I want to be able to permanently disable the main toolbar. I never use this toolbar. I never use external tools/modelling etc. Not enough real estate on the screen. I want all of the screen space for worksheets. Also please give some tips about great features of the main toolbar. Why would one want to absolutely keep it?


            Thank you for your patience.

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              Gary Graham-Oracle

              The Show Toolbars menu item functionality is something we pick up from the JDeveloper IDE framework so, if you want unchecking Main to persist between restarts, that is something you would have to take up with the JDeveloper team.  Fortunately it seems you can achieve what you want by...

              1. View > Show Toolbars > Customize Main Toolbar, then uncheck New

              2. Repeat (1) for each of Undo/Redo, Back/Forward, ... , until all are unchecked.

              3. This change is persisted between restarts.


              To quickly restore the main toolbar, use View > Show Toolbars > Customize Main Toolbar > Customize... > Reset Toolbars

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