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    Mapviewer and its tables


      Dear All,


      I have mapviewer setup in one instance by someone. and they're not using navteq spatial data but their legacy data.

      Problem is: they used same schema to load the spatial data along with other warehouse table objects(not BI Apps)


      We have no clue / document which dmp or how did they populate the test with spatial data and it's related objects.


      My question is: is there any way to find out the underlying table objects being used by current mapviewer setup?

      Also, Can we migrate existing setup like "Tile Layers", "Manage Map Data" from one instance to another instead re-creating. (datasource in mapviewer can be created manually)


      Please let us know your comments, helpful to me.


      Appreciate your great support & time here.



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          Shams Abbasi


          Yes it is possible, download map builder and the in themes section in theme properties you can see which themes are being used by which tables.

          To promote your changes please follow this document


          Copy Mapviewer Metadata From One Database To Another Database (Doc ID 1678439.1)


          Let me know if that helps.

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            Thanks for your prompt reply..


            Just looked into the doc..


            I do not have good knowledge and issue in understanding terminology..

            Can you please let me know this.. if i just do the exp/imp process mentioned in doc, will i be able to migrate all database tables related to mapviewer and it's layer..etc all objects? Do i need to take care any other thing manually?


            Would be helpful..



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              Shams Abbasi

              can you please download mapbuilder. configure it to the same database details. and let me know if you can see all themes, maps and tile layers.

              1. Please take a not of all tile layers, themes, maps you have.

              2.You would still have to copy the tables, indexes to the other schema.

              3. Execute following commands and let me know if you can see all the names in existing environment

              select * from user_sdo_styles;

              select * from user_sdo_themes;

              select * from user_sdo_maps;

              select * from user_sdo_cached_maps;


              All the information is saved in these tables, if you are getting all the names in these tables you are good to go. If you havnt configured mapviewer in your other environment you would also have to configure it in the other environment

              Refer to the following document for that,

              Building Maps for Oracle Business Intelligence Analyses and Dashboards

              3 step : Creating a mapviewer data source.

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                If i understand it well..


                1.  I need to configure mapbuilder to source database(from where i need to migrate) and make note of those layers, themes, maps

                2.  Copy tables - Meaning, using the oracle doc Id, i need to migrate .dmp to target schema (to where i want to migrate)

                3.  Execute SQLs in target schema..


                I did above with following results..


                1.  When i configure mapbuilder i do not see any base maps, TILE LAYERS..etc (I see few user_sdo_themes has got base_table column where i see list of 47 tables. Do i need to migrate these along with data to target schema?)


                2.   Copy table, - Hope you want me to copy user_sdo related tables.. did that


                3.  I see same number of rows and data in user_sdo related tables when compare to source schema



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                  Shams Abbasi

                  you do not see base maps and tile layers in both the environments?

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                    You're almost there..


                    Yes you need to migrate the base tables along with the spatial metadata in user_sdo*