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    AppsUserExport in EBS is not working

    FMW Admin




      We have 12.1.3 EBS and and trying to export all FND users to txt file using the below java command. Command executed successfully but empty user export file created with 0 size.

      Please find the below output.


      [applhna@hna11]$ java oracle.apps.fnd.oid.AppsUserExport -v -dbc $INST_TOP/appl/fnd/12.0.0/secure/HNA.dbc -o USerExport-22-08-16.txt -pwd cor121805 -g -l USerExport-22-08-16.log

      User Export to USerExport-22-08-16.txt started..

      User Export completed successfully. For further details please refer to log file at: USerExport-22-08-16.log


      -rw-r--r--   1 applhna hnadba       996 Aug 19 03:19 javacache.log

      -rw-r--r--   1 applhna hnadba         0 Aug 19 03:19 USerExport-22-08-16.txt

      -rw-r--r--   1 applhna hnadba       235 Aug 19 03:19 USerExport-22-08-16.log


      more USerExport-22-08-16.log


      [Aug 22, 2016 5:58:54 AM EDT]:1471859934668:-1:-1xxxxxx.com:[main,5,main]:12

      38485000:44226:1471859930878:0:STATEMENT:[fnd.oid.AppsUserExport]:total number of records exported = 0


      more javacache.log

      [2016-08-22T05:58:50.873-04:00] [ias] [NOTIFICATION] [] [cache.Lifecycle] [host: xxxxxxxx.com] [nwaddr:] [tid: 1]

      [userId: applhna] [ecid: 1238485000:44226:1471859930878:0,0] JOC is initialized. ver=10.1.3, distribute=false, vid=0, coordinator=,

      discover list=[[, pos=-1, uid=0, name=, pri=0]]