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    After Re-Registring Custom_top Related Responsibilitie Disappear




      We have one custom application named XXSAL. We  upgraded from 12.1.3 to 12.2.5 and re registered  the  app with  adsplice.


      All responsibilities  related to this application are gone. We first unregistered it and then registered it again.


      Can you please help how these responsibilities  can be visible again. Do i need to compile any menu/responsibilities  or other objects



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          Can you mention the document and steps used to deregister and reregister the application used ?

          Also mention AD and TXK patch levels as from AD TXK level 6 onwards, you can now deregister a custom application. For example, this might be needed if the application is not in compliance with AD Splicer requirements, or is not required for a patching cycle. Deregistration is performed by running the $AD_TOP/bin/adDeregisterCustomProd.pl script.