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    FDMEE Process Status


      In FDMEE Process status table there is a value "10" as "No Validation" - what this means?

      I understand 11 means validation is good, 12 means validation is failed.

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          Robert Gideon

          It might help to put that you are talking about the TLOGPROCESS table in FDMEE. I found the values you are talking about in the TLOGPROCESSSTATES table.  I ran a query on my TLOGPROCESS table and couldn't find any instances where I received a 10 code.  This is in an environment that I've been working on since January. Maybe you can submit an SR to ask development what the status code would mean. My guess is that it's a status that would be given if something went wrong in the code:


          Did validation succeed?

               Yes: Enter code 11

               No: Enter code 12

               Else: Enter code 10


          That's just a guess, though.