exiting with status 204


    Hi ALL,


    EBS R12.1.3





    I still encounter error when starting  OAFM

    I already done the following solution:

    $ cd $ORA_CONFIG_HOME/10.1.3/j2ee/oacore
    $ ls
    application-deployments  config  persistence  tldcache
    $ rm -rf persistence/
    $ mkdir persistence

    Start apps, but still to no avail , even if I reboot the server.



    opmnctl: starting opmn managed processes...



        0 of 1 processes started.







    --> Process (index=1,uid=486,pid=27402)

        failed to start a managed process after the maximum retry limit



    08/27/16-16:29:26 :: exiting with status 204



    16/08/27 15:53:39 [libopmnoc4j] Process Start Error: default_group~oafm~default_group~1 (474:17975)

    16/08/27 15:53:39 [pm-process] Stopping Process: default_group~oafm~default_group~1 (474:17975)

    16/08/27 15:53:39 [libopmnoc4j] Process Stop Error: default_group~oafm~default_group~1 (474:17975)

    16/08/27 15:53:39 [libopmnoc4j] Failed to construct stop command for proc: 474

    16/08/27 15:53:39 [libopmnoc4j] Forcefully Terminating Process: default_group~oafm~default_group~1 (474:17975)

    16/08/27 15:53:41 [pm-process] Starting Process: default_group~oafm~default_group~1 (474:0)

    16/08/27 15:53:45 [libopmnoc4j] Host and Port information for port type jms not sent by the OC4J process

    16/08/27 15:53:45 [libopmnoc4j] WARNING: OC4J did not send the protocol value for port id: jms

    16/08/27 15:53:45 [libopmnoc4j] Port information in the ONS notification is incorrect for proc: 474. Some of the reasons for the failure are:

    1. ajp, rmi and jms ports could not be bound by the process.

    2. If a port value for a certain port ID is handed by OPMN to the OC4J process and this value is not returned back in the ONS notifications. For example, this can happen for certain bad JGroups related configurations.



    Please help...


    Kind regards,