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    How to land an EBS job as a PL/SQL developer


      I am PL/SQL and Oracle APEX developer. I have around 5 years of experience mainly in these two technologies among other general web technologies (JS, HTML. jQuery, .. etc.).

      I am seeking new job opportunities. But It seems like I hit a brick wall, whereby there are very limited job openings that require either PL/SQL or Oracle APEX or both, at least in the country where I live. Sometimes only one opening in the 3 months. Most of PL/SQL jobs require mainly Java, and PL/SQL and an add-on skill. Unfortunately, I have never worked with java in commercial environment. However, I notice there is an increasing number of jobs require Oracle EBS experience. I would say for every 1 PL/SQL job there are 20 EBS. I know there is a wide range of EBS products, but it seems they are closely related.


      Therefore, I decided that it might be the time to shift to EBS. It is hot in the market. There is high demand, and better pay. So my question here, where should I start here in order to land an EBS job? I cannot acquire commercial experience before I get a job. The current company I am working with, does not use any of EBS product, nor does have plans to use any.

      I do not want start as a fresh graduate. After all, I do not want to throw away all the years of experience I accumulated in PL/SQL and Oracle APEX. How can make the shift as seamless and less painful as possible.


      How can I achieve that? Where should I start from?